“We are truly blessed that you are such an important part of Nell’s life at such a magical time in her development and growth.  Your home is the perfect sanctuary for a young child and Nell has obviously flourished under your care.  Words will never be able to express our appreciation for all that you have done to provide Nell with such a valuable educational experience.  You have a special gift with children and we are forever grateful that Nell is one of the beneficiaries of that gift.  Yours, David and Lisa”

“From the time she was a baby to her blossoming into a young girl, you have helped shape Laini’s values, manners and her heart.  Your life long impact is beyond measure.  Your wisdom not only impacted Laini, but touched my soul, as well.  Being a new and inexperienced single mother, I felt like I had the world’s best parenting coach and partner.  You are truly on of God’s very special blessings.  Fondly, Robin”

“Entrusting your children to the care of someone else is incredibly terrifying to a parent.  Angela, you made it extremely easy.  We feel so incredibly fortunate to have had you care for Matthew and Kristen, and we can not thank you enough for that.  You always gave them the love and care that is so needed by young children.  We will probably never encounter another situation where we know our children are getting as much love away from us as we can give them at home.  You will always be remembered and missed.  Thanks for everything you have done over the past three years for us and our children.  With love and respect, Lynn and Paul”

“We want to thank you for a wonderful year!  We are really happy with Oliva and Gabriella’s experience at Edu-Care.  We really appreciate all the extra care you take in helping to shape them as individuals, especially with respect to their values.  You do so many wonderful things, Angela.  We thoroughly enjoyed the Snow White ballet production.  Thank you for the beautiful day.   Your food was delicious and the presentation  exceptional!  We look forward to a special year!  Thank you again, Janell and Kevin”

“Every morning when I drop Sam off at Edu-care, I feel happy and secure knowing he is in the wonderful hands of Miss A.  Not only does she provide an organic environment for him to thrive and grow in, she provides a cultural and calming place for him to learn and explore his 2-year old world.  I cannot thank Miss A enough for all she does for my son.  And I wouldn’t feel comfortable taking him anywhere but to Miss A’s home on the days I have to be in an office.  Thank you for all you do for my baby, Miss A. – Love, Katie”

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One thought on “Testimonials

  1. She is a very caring mother and provider. She works with all the kids so well and she shows love to each child in a very special way.

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