Angela van Dieren, also affectionately known as “Miss A”, was educated in the Netherlands where the Montessori concept is a public standard.  Her focus was in Early Childhood Development.  Edu-Care is a place where every child has a strength and a talent waiting to unfold through communication and the freedom to be who they are.  From Shakespeare to Miro, Edu-Care exposes the child to art and culture in a natural setting.

     The objective of Edu-Care is the education of the “Whole Child”, beginning at infancy and continuing through pre-kindergarten, with a unique cycle of learning designed to make the most of a child’s sensitive years.  Edu-Care’s material and curriculum center around practical life, sensory,  foreign languages, math, geography, history, science, art, music, drama and dance.  As children develop a sense of pride in their work and a feeling of confidence, well-being and joy begin to manifest in the child. A “New Child” starts to emerge.

Summer Water Birthday Fun!

Summer Water Birthday Fun!

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